Information for presenters

Information for presenters


For all presenters: timing!

All presenters are reminded that it is essential to stick to the time allotted in the program, in order to allow participants to change rooms.


Paper presentations

Each room is equipped with a Windows PC with internet access, a projector and loudspeakers. If you are using your own equipment, please make sure to bring all necessary materials for connecting it. We also advise you to test the equipment well before your presentations. If you anticipate any problems, please inform one of our student assistants, preferably the student assigned to the room you’re presenting in.



WIPs all take place at the same time; it is a kind of market. Usually presenters sit with a few attendees around them, present for 5-10 minutes, discuss the work briefly, and then people move on. It is more like a poster session but WIP presenters often bring their laptops and or a handout, show the main aspects of their research and seek feedback from the attendees. There are 45 minutes for the WIP session in the program (Thursday 10:20-11:05), but sessions may run on for 15 minutes into the coffee break.



The poster boards will be available all week, so if you have a poster, please put it up at your earliest convenience. The poster boards will fit A0 (A-zero) size posters in portrait layout. (A0 = 841 x 1189 mm / 33.1 x 46.8 in). There is a slot of 65 minutes in the program (Friday 11:30-12:35) for poster viewing. During this time you are expected to stand near your poster. This session may be prolonged into the Lunch Break if you wish. You are free to make viewing appointments with delegates any time during the conference. Please note that the poster presenters will be invited to give a one-minute pitch in one of the plenary sessions, so please prepare such a brief presentation. Again, make sure your timing is right, because a whistle will force you to stop after 60 seconds.

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